Thursday, July 11, 2013

Voice Acting in DOTA2 and LOL

Voice Acting in LOL

There's really not too much voice acting in LOL - a typical champion has about 17 different lines of dialogue, mostly related to moving and attacking. Some examples - Ahri, Nidalee, or Garen. There's no context related dialogue, or conditional dialogue (more on that later).

Voice Acting in DOTA2

There's a lot more voice acting in DOTA2. A typical hero has over 300 lines of voice acting, related to a variety of actions such as spawning, killing an opponent, getting first blood, using spells, dying, reviving, etc. There's even a whole host of lines related to actual chat (thanking someone, laughing), calling missing in your lane, expressing their disappointment at failing to connect with a skill shot or failing to kill a hero, and of course, special rival dialogue where your hero will taunt the enemy in a specific way related to their character after the kill.. Some examples - Juggernaut, Crystal Maiden, Bounty Hunter.

The main attraction, however, is the context specific conditional dialogue. The game is smart enough to detect certain unique events (whiffing with a skill, killing a specific rival, performing a special combo, buying a certain item) that is notable enough to warrant special dialogue that is quite often humorous in nature. Discovering these special lines of dialogue is always a fun and amusing exercise. I'm just going through the heroes that I know below, I'm listing down 24 special dialogue triggers that amuse me but there's obviously way more than this.

1. Juggernaut triggers town portal while using Blade Fury
(Bladefury renders Juggernaut magic immune for the duration, allowing him to escape with a Town Portal scroll safely as he cannot be stunned or interrupted)
  • Play I'm out of here.
  • Play Hate to hit and run.
  • Play I'll be back to finish this later.

2. Juggernaut fails to kill his enemy with Omnislash
(Omnislash is often sure kill, unless you mess it up and it hits too many targets or the enemy manages to dodge it)
  • Play What a waste!
  • Play Argh, I had such plans...

3. Juggernaut kills Lich
(Rival kill dialogue has a 25% of occuring, normally it just picks a random kill dialogue)
  • Play I'm the Juggernaut, Lich!

4. Axe executing opponent with Culling Blade
(His Culling Blade ultimate is an instant kill on opponents with low hp)
  • Play Culled!
  • Play Wheat before a scythe!
  • Play I said good day, sir!

5. Axe failing to kill with Culling Blade
(If the enemy HP is not low enough the instant kill effect will not happen)
  • Play Axe misjudged?
  • Play Axe misjudged?
  • Play You're tougher than Axe thought!

6. Axe using a blink dagger to catch up to the enemy, then killing him with Culling Blade
(... why not)
  • Play Not so fast!
  • Play You been blinked!
  • Play No escaping Axe!

7. Sven using Storm Hammer to stun a teleporting hero
(Sven can use his stun to prevent heroes from escaping by interrupting their teleport channel)
  • Play You look stunned.
  • Play Don't move.
  • Play Not so fast.
  • Play Stand and fight.
  • Play Stand your ground.

8. Windrunner missing her Shackleshot / Powershot
(Windrunner has two skill shots that many players find difficult to land)
  • Play Lucky you, slipped off the kebab.
  • Play Dang!
  • Play What the? I missed!
  • Play Unbelievable, I never miss!
  • Play What?

9. Witch Doctor about to kill with Maledict 
(The Witch Doctor has a strong damage over time spell called Maledict, if the game engine knows the enemy is about to die from it, he will say one of the following lines)
  • Play Wait for it…wait for it…
  • Play He's about to pop.
  • Play Dat make a big mess.

10. Ursa purchasing Vladmir's Offering
(With this item Ursa can easily solo Roshan, it's commonly made as soon as possible on him)
  • Play Behold Vladmir. In my claws, Roshan is undone.
  • Play Behold the offering. In my claws, Roshan is undone.
  • Play Roshan shall bow to me!
  • Play Roshan! I come to reclaim what you stole!

11. Troll Warlord meeting an ally
(The Troll Warlord's dialogue lines are parodies of bad mannered players in the game. (He is a troll, after all). Many of his lines involve insulting his allies. When he meets allies in the game, he might say one of the following.)
  • Play I'd be better off fighting alone.
  • Play Don't get in my way.
  • Play You've got to be kidding.
  • Play Why are my allies so weak and pathetic.
  • Play I can see I'll have to carry us to victory.
  • Play Try not to feed.
  • Play Just try not to feed.

12. Treant Protector using Tangoes
(Well, he is a Treant, and the tangoes are healing items that require you to destroy a tree to gain health... so naturally he feels quite bad about it)
  • Play Sorry, friend.
  • Play That was rude of me.
  • Play Apologies.
  • Play I'm sure you understand.

13. Timbersaw using Tangoes
(Timbersaw hates trees, so naturally when he uses tangoes he has something to say too)
  • Play Mm god I hate trees.
  • Play Another tree down.
  • Play Mmm splinters!
  • Play Delicious.
  • Play De-li-cious.
  • Play Won't need a toothpick.

14. Sniper killing a hero that used a bow
(Sniper is very proud of his gun, and naturally looks down upon people who use other weapons)
  • Play Oh, how cute!
  • Play Oh, feather bullets!
  • Play Heh, crummiest gun I've ever seen.
  • Play What's wrong, your string break?
  • Play Aw, isn't that quaint?
  • Play Get a gun, you'll live longer!
  • Play Guns are the future, my friend!
  • Play My gun is quick!

15. Sniper killing a hero that used a blade
(Sniper is very proud of his gun, and naturally looks down upon people who use other weapons)
  • Play Someone brought a knife to a gunfight!
  • Play You pull a knife, I pull a gun.
  • Play Someone brought a knife to a gunfight!
  • Play Inconceivable!

16. Slardar killing a hero after a long chase
(Slardar can sometimes score kills after an extended chase, due to his increased movement speed and ability to track his opponent's movements with Amplify Damage)
  • Play I cross the world to take you down.
  • Play I came a long way to see you die.
  • Play Tsee heeh heh he he heh heh.

17. Silencer stealing intelligence
(Enemy heroes dying near the Silencer have some of their Intelligence permanently stolen by him. That's bad enough, but it's insult to injury that Silencer taunts them as well)
  • Play Once a warrior, now a fool.
  • Play Your intelligence flows to me.
  • Play My intelligence grows.
  • Play Have you forgotten something?
  • Play Can you feel your grasp slipping?
  • Play Ha! How about a little brain damage?
  • Play Your mind is mine! Not like you were using it anyway.

18. Shadow Shaman trapping opponents with Serpent Wards
(Using Serpent Wards directly on an enemy hero can sometimes box them in completely, rendering them unable to move - it's something you always try to do, but don't always succeed at)
  • Play My serpents paralyze!
  • Play Entrapped.
  • Play You're not going anywhere.
  • Play Keep an eye on that one.
  • Play Hold that one fast!

19. Faceless Void using Chronosphere correctly
(The Faceless Void will say some bad-ass sounding lines if he manages to land Chronosphere on enemy heroes, trapping them in a bubble of stopped time)
  • Play Entombed by time.
  • Play Sealed your fate.
  • Play Like insects in amber.
  • Play Time's pendulum stops.

20. Faceless Void missing with Chronosphere
(Sometimes though.. he might misclick and cast Chronosphere on nothing...O GOD THESE LINES ARE TOO FUNNY especially the voice acting itself)
  • Play Nothing to see here.
  • Play How embarrassing.
  • Play Dear Gods, my mistake!
  • Play Forgive me my friends!
  • Play An eternity of embarrassment!
  • Play I can't bear to look.

21. Mirana hitting hero with Sacred Arrow
(This is a skillshot that is somewhat difficult to land)

22. Mirana hitting hero with Sacred Arrow for maximum stun
(If it travels at least 1500 range it deals the maximum 5 second stun)

23. Mirana accidentally hitting a creep with Sacred Arrow
(Creeps tend to get in the way a lot...)
  • Play Out of my way!
  • Play Who spoiled that shot?
  • Play Son of a...
  • Play Gaaah!

24. Mirana hitting Roshan with Sacred Arrow
(She often uses it against Roshan while the team is attacking, being an easy to land 5 second stun)
  • Play I could have hit Roshan with my eyes closed.
  • Play Poor Roshan.
  • Play An easy shot.