Friday, July 5, 2013

Playing Better (Part 1a) Dual Purpose Ward Spots

Dual Purpose Ward Spots (2 more)

This is a supplement to the previous article, Dual Purpose Ward Spots. There was an excellent ward spot that I wasn't able to place with 100% consistency, and I wasn't sure why it was failing, so I held off posting it until I had figured it out. I'm detailing it here, as well as updating the original post, for the benefit for new and existing readers.

Series presented by Princess and the Frog.

2. Block Dire Pull + River Gank Vision

The Radiant top lane will use this ward spot to block the Dire Pull. This ward also gives you vision of the gank path coming from the river. This is a defensive ward that will allow you lane more safely, and also makes it safer to pull the hard camp to your lane creeps if you are gaining the advantage in lane. Additionally this is less likely to be de-warded, as not many players know how to place this ward consistently.

The ward placement on this has to be very precise so I have included two pictures. In the first picture you can see a patch of grass between two trees (to the left and slightly higher relative to the burning torch). You want to play the ward as far to the right as possible on that grass patch. You'll start by trying to place the ward right up against the tree on the right, getting a bunch of "invalid ward placement errors" and moving your mouse slowly to the left and continuing to try place it until it allows you to drop it.

The common mistake is in thinking you're trying to place the ward as far to the top, or top right as possible. You're actually trying to place the ward as far to the right as possible. I can do this consistently now and it may be worth your time setting up a bunch of custom lobbies to experiment getting it right.

7. Bottom Rune + Block Radiant Hard Camp

The Dire bot lane uses this ward spot to get vision of the rune and gank path. This ward spot also blocks the Radiant Hard Camp. This also gives vision of Radiant jungler movement and possible path for Radiant mid moving bot through the forest instead of river to gank. This is also less likely to be de-warded as well.