Thursday, March 6, 2014

6.80 Hero Pick Rates and Win Rates

Working from the data collected by Phantasmal at Dotametrics in this post I've put together some more infographics on the pick rates and win rates for 6.80 by skill bracket. The estimation of Very High corresponding to >4000 rating and Normal corresponding to <3200 rating is a bit iffy: I remember seeing some DOTA2 stats site make that correlation, by cross referencing players (added by a bot to survey ratings) against their matches and how it's flagged in the system. The flags for Normal / High / Very High are still present in the system but no longer accessible to players via the in game GUI. That being said the estimation I'm using "feels" right so far, and I'll continue using it until I see evidence to the contrary.


Hero Pick Rates

Hero Win Rates

Note: Terrorblade and Phoenix are going to be highly picked this month because they've only just been introduced to the game, so they're anomalies.