Monday, June 10, 2013

Competitive Roundup (Part 1)


There are so many tournaments going on at the same time that it can get overwhelming trying to keep up with them. In this series of blog posts, I will share matches which I have found notable and worth watching in the past week or two.

Alliance draft Riki and Bounty Hunter - win in 13 minutes


Tournament: Defense 4
Teams: EG versus Alliance
Stream: joinDOTA

Alliance draft a highly unconventional team line up - Wisp, Magnus, Chen, Bounty Hunter, Riki. Not only do they win, but they even force a 13 minute concede from EG.

EG made a mistake by wasting all their wards on top lane, and they were unprepared by Alliance switching their tri-lane from top to bot, and as a result their safe lane farmer (Gyrocopter) could not get any farm because EG had no vision in their forest.

Highly entertaining and fast paced game, casted by Tobi and Wagamama. Wagamama is the position one player at QPAD.

Level 1 Roshan with 5 man TP

Tournament: G1 LAN Finals playoffs
Teams: DK versus Alliance
Stream: Beyond The Summit

Alliance last-picked the Ursa, which immediately gave away their intention to kill Roshan at level 1, or at least their capability of doing so.

However, by teleporting all heroes to the tier-1 mid tower at the start of the game, it allowed them to actually kill Roshan before DK (as Radiant) could possibly get there. The rest of the match isn’t notable, so it is not recommended watching beyond the opening Roshan kill.

Na’Vi showing their dominance


Tournament:  Starladder Season 6
Teams: Alliance versus Na’Vi
Stream: joinDOTA

This was a highly anticipated match, because of how dominant Alliance have been - they just demolished all the top tier Chinese teams in the G1 LAN Finals, without dropping a single game.

Highly recommended game even though it ended up as a stomp for Na’Vi, winning with 25 kills in 25 minutes. Both sides went with an aggressive lineup and their signature heroes, and Na’Vi showing why they’re arguably the best DOTA2 team in the world with their amazing coordination and relentless aggression.